The return of Art by Lucy Ames

After having my last website for, gulp, 10 years, it was definitely due a re-vamp! I’m delighted to showcase the new model.

Art by Lucy Ames has always been a difficult sell as my USP is that I am versatile. As such I don’t have one painting style to describe and promote. What I sell instead is my ability to create beautiful bespoke art for individuals and companies that they will love and treasure and I have been doing that for 10 years. I enjoy taking a client brief on what they want and finding out more about them in order to tailor the design to suit them perfectly. I love working in collaboration with my clients to design a one-off painting that will perfectly fit the space they want to put it in, that will have colours and textures of their choosing and a subject matter that we work out between us to have longevity, tell a story if they wish it to, capture memories if that is their aim. Put simply, I design art that ‘works’ for you.

Art is so powerful in the home or an office environment. Not only does it add colour and interest to a room, it makes a statement about who you are and sets the tone of the room. Is your preference for art that is playful and fun, sombre and mature, minimalist or making a political statement? In an office it can aid relaxation and wellbeing. Great artwork can be a talking point, as the Brewin Dolphin Investment Manager said, for whom I supplied 3 paintings; ‘We are delighted when clients ask us about the art; it always starts a meeting off on the right foot’.

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